About RBL Abingdon Rifle Club

Our Club is a single discipline club, which means we only participate in precision 0.22 small-bore Target Rifle Shooting. We do not have Air Pistol / Air Rifle equipment or facilities within our Club.

Most of our Members live in and around Abingdon in Oxfordshire and compete in teams in various Oxfordshire indoor and outdoor leagues. Some members also compete at County and National level. During the Summer season we use our own outdoor 50 metre and 100 yard range just outside Abingdon.  All Club members are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this range throughout the year.  The Club doesn't have its own indoor range, so during the Winter season we shoot on Sunday evenings at the City of Oxford Rifle Range, which is a 25 yard indoor range located on the outskirts of Oxford.

Because our Rifle Club does not have its own indoor range we only tend to take on new members who have current 0.22 rifle shooting experience, such as those who are transferring from another Club. If you don't have your own rifle we would suggest contacting a Club who operates sessions for those looking to take up 0.22 target shooting as a new sport or returning to it after a break. During such events the range will be equipped for just such a purpose (as apposed for a Match or Competition shoot). If this is the type of Club you are looking for, we would suggest contacting either City of Oxford, Harwell or Bicester Rifle Club's in the first instance, as all three are able to offer an excellent mix of air weapons and 0.22 target rifle. 

RBL Abingdon Rifle Club has two levels of Membership, namely Probationary and Full. Any person wishing to join the Club will enter as a Probationary Member. Full membership of the club will only be considered after a satisfactory probationary period, which would not normally be less than six months.

Contact Details:
e-mail : RBL Abingdon Rifle Club
web : www.rblabingdon.org.uk